Alexandra & Jon - Baby Yas 4.5 months

"Thank you so much for getting us out of the long, endless nights!!! I never thought it could be done so quickly!
We think that a newborn will never sleep through the night, but my Mimoh impressed me!
I'm going back to my bed!"

Sofia - Baby Nora 10 months

"Nora was literally waking up every hour to nurse! At the end of the second night, she woke up only 2 times! After the 5th night, she didn't wake up until 7am!
My husband and I now sit in front of the TV and don't know what to watch anymore, it's been such a long time since we've had any time to ourselves."

Ines - Baby Rosie 6 months

"I just couldn't stand it anymore. I hadn't slept at night for 6.5 hours. I was told to try and catch up on my daytime naps, but Rosie was only taking 30 minute naps!

I am so happy to have a life again while being a mom #happymom"