Hey Mama, I'm Salma

I’m a mom of a sweet tiny wonder named Yanis, and a certified pediatric sleep consultant.

I know what it means to feel sleep deprived, because I have been there for weeks when my baby hit the 4 months sleep regression. What helped me was to talk to a sleep expert who made me realize that sleep is simply a skill that we can teach our babies; like we teach them to talk, walk.... When they master the skill of independent sleep, they are able sleep long stretches and guess what... we, parents, can get some rest.

With my little experience, I started helping moms around me. Shortly after, I decided to take my certification and make this passion my new routine. 

My passion today is to share this magic with parents, help parents teach their babies the skill of sleeping so they can reclaim the joy of parenthood.

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Certified Pediatric Sleep Consultant, The Cradle Coach Academy